24 June 2009

unite for sight

I stumbled upon this fantastic venture into the realm of humanitarian fashion quite accidentally-- I was looking for a pair of new sunnies. Something more durable than a pair of swap-meet shades, something a little less trendy than Ray-Bans. Something to hide the evidence of one too many margaritas from the night before, while channeling the glory of Jackie O's iconic style.

KAYU sunglasses combine form and function. They're cute! But what is extra cute about them is how world-friendly they are. Whenever a pair of these sunglasses is purchased, $50 gets donated Unite For Sight, a non profit organization that provides vision-saving surgeries for people all over the globe who can't afford necessary vision/health care.

80% of all blindness is preventable, and this translates to 36 million people suffering from a lack of vision in the world today. Unite For Sight has helped over 800,000 patients, and saved the vision of almost 22,000 people.

KAYU sunglasses are totally earth-friendly, made from sustainable bamboo, and they retail for $180. That's a smidge more steep than my usual 2 for $10 deal at the flea market, but in all honestly, most fashionistas wouldn't blink an eye when spending that much on a designer pair, so why not purge our hard earned savings on something that saves not just our vision?

And didn't I mention that they're CUTE!?


  1. wow the yellow sunglasses are crazy adorable. perfect for summer.

  2. I love to learn about things like this. The glasses are super cute and go to such a great cause. Thanks for sharing!!

    xo, Becs

  3. Hey love...
    cool glasses!
    guess what? I've awarded with with a lil something on my blog! Come by and get it sometime...

  4. hey Allie!
    please stop by and read my blog!


  5. The sunglasses look great on you!

  6. Wow, I love your style check out www.cowgirlheaven.etsy.com for runway trends

  7. so.
    hi there.
    hope you're doing well!
    really really.

  8. Hi there! Love the unique color of the sunglasses!


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