06 April 2010

everyone loves a snuggle.

I really hate how much I love my snuggie. It’s a blue, poly blend, fleece nightmare, and I definitely shunned my boyfriend when he first proudly toted it home. But this particularly chilly winter threw the snuggie and I together in to a vortex of fate, and despite my best effort to stay away from the Tackiest Item of 2009, I developed a love for that awful thing.

It’s an embarrassing affair, like one between the homecoming queen and the president of the science club. He may give her everything she needs, but she’ll never admit she’s into it.

Blankoak is a snuggie we can all admit to loving.

It’s Icelandic (from Reykjavik, specifically, which tells me nothing because my knowledge of Icedanic geography leaves something to be desired, but it sounds cool) and made from sheep’s wool. The explanation for it on the website is “for January is cool.” Touche. Well played, Reykjavik-ians, well played.

01 April 2010

cool clothes for cool girls

The Battalion was founded by two Echo Park, CA sisters who design minimalistic-yet-fascinating, simple-but-not-simplistic and modern-without-being-trendy women’s clothing. They’ve cited fascinating women and eras gone by as their main inspirations, and their interpretations of Anais Nin (SS 2009), the discovery of the New World (FW 2009) or ballerinas (SS 2010), have consistently been pretty great.

The brand got it’s start when designer Linda Wong began creating outwear from scraps of cashmere upcycled from rag mills, and it has managed to maintain it’s je ne sais quoi, bohemian appeal by never sanding down it’s semi-tough exterior. The Battalion isn’t a trend producer or a trend follower, it’s a brand that focuses on luxurious comfort and wearability for the slightly above-average woman.

Also, I want that fringe sleeve dress. So good!

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