24 June 2009

unite for sight

I stumbled upon this fantastic venture into the realm of humanitarian fashion quite accidentally-- I was looking for a pair of new sunnies. Something more durable than a pair of swap-meet shades, something a little less trendy than Ray-Bans. Something to hide the evidence of one too many margaritas from the night before, while channeling the glory of Jackie O's iconic style.

KAYU sunglasses combine form and function. They're cute! But what is extra cute about them is how world-friendly they are. Whenever a pair of these sunglasses is purchased, $50 gets donated Unite For Sight, a non profit organization that provides vision-saving surgeries for people all over the globe who can't afford necessary vision/health care.

80% of all blindness is preventable, and this translates to 36 million people suffering from a lack of vision in the world today. Unite For Sight has helped over 800,000 patients, and saved the vision of almost 22,000 people.

KAYU sunglasses are totally earth-friendly, made from sustainable bamboo, and they retail for $180. That's a smidge more steep than my usual 2 for $10 deal at the flea market, but in all honestly, most fashionistas wouldn't blink an eye when spending that much on a designer pair, so why not purge our hard earned savings on something that saves not just our vision?

And didn't I mention that they're CUTE!?

20 June 2009

give me... with hearts in my eyes

As of late, I've been browsing the internet for for wish-list fulfillment as opposed to going out and finding them, purchasing them and showing them off. All in all, it's significantly better for my pocket book, probably healthier for my materialistic soul, and certainly more fun because this type of virtual shopping has no bounds. Another by product of my wandering is endless discovery, my current favorite being With Hearts In My Eyes, currently selling at bonadrag.com.

It's lovely... The innocence of the girly dresses meshes with the exaggerated silhouettes. Lace bell bottoms? Perfection.

18 June 2009

give me... THIS

At the risk of sounding immature, or using this blog as a means of living vicariously, or growing even more hedonistic than I already am... I give you:

Insight brand is hit or miss for me, but the instant I saw this tank top, four times in one day, I might add, in four separate boutiques, I fell in love. It's a kitten! In a beret! Painting!


17 June 2009

give me... a permanent vacation

That headline is so apt, in so many ways. But besides my lethargy, the desire for a permanent vacation means, actually, the desire for the Permanent Vacation, Swedish wonder-brand. They do capsule collections that are quite simply based on whatever they're enjoying at the time. It appears that the summer of 09 is the summer of soft focus, filtered light and throwback florals for these Swedes. I love love love their stuff, and as much I'm enjoying the summer season, I'm also looking forward to their fall and winter debuts. Imagine all the cozy Nordic knits!

P.S. Many of you responded and said that that which you want most from a fashion blog is outfit posts, so I'll be trying to use more of those in the future. Look for more ME on the website, as well as some lifestyling guides as well, all in the coming-soon, as-soon-as-I-suck-it-up-and-get-to-it section.

13 June 2009

In the Valley of the Dolls

Without doubt, my favorite book, or at least, general leader of the expansive pack of books that I consider favorites, is Jacqueline Susann's Valley of the Dolls. I've read it countless times since I've discovered it, and every time I dive into the glamorous world of these mid century New York girls, I'm totally transfixed. Anne's desperation to create a passionate life for herself, Jennifer's struggle to be love, Neely's deep personal tragedies... The handsome men, the barbiturate abuse, the eyeliner! I love it all.

I've seen the movie almost as many times as I've read the book, but like a true elitist book snob, I prefer the literature to the film. There are images in my head about the way that the characters should look-- for instance, I've never forgiven the casting agent for not casting a blonder Anne, but I still adore the style of the film.

It mediates the line between campy, retro filmmaking and stylish cinematography. The background images of the girl's apartments are my inspiration for my own apartments, and the snappy little coats and hats and evening gowns are all deeply covetable. I love the drama in every scene, and here are a few of my favorite stills to share the glorious, sexy escapade that is this story!

Netflix it! NOW!

03 June 2009

Babushka Boutique

Babushka is what I call my geriatric, hailing-from-the-old-country, quirky grandmother. And while she's awesome in a collects-buttons and makes-cakes way, I wouldn't call her chic. So I was a bit distracted by the Etsy shop Babushka Boutique. I'm thinking, older Eastern-European schmatas, but -ping!- this is genius!
leathertte turban, $29

harem jodphur leggings, $36
oversized assymetrical t-shirt dress, $48

indian ethnic aztek paperbag high waist miniskirt wtih pockets, $38

long feather strech head band, $16
One of each please!
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