16 September 2009

let's play a game

I think I've lost my mind a little, or the stars have aligned... or the world is ending, because I've decided to challenge myself to not shopping for a month. GASP. I just walked through a store, saw about 5,000 things I wanted and not a single thing I needed. Then I came home and noticed a pile of newly purchased, unworn and not even untagged new merchandise, and decided to stop the madness.

Rules: No shopping for clothing/accessories until my birthday, October 14th. (I know, it's a little less than 30 days, but shush. This will be hard enough as it is.) Toiletry restocking is okay, new purchases are frowned upon. Books and home goods are passable. LET THE GAME BEGIN.

Also, why bother shopping if I can't have these pieces from the Temperley London show?

The feathers! The art deco patterns! The tailoring! The accessories! Easily, my fashion week favorite.

1 comment:

  1. You're reading my mind! I've faithfully decided that I'm not going to be shopping for a good while...is it tough? hell ya. of course once i decide im not shopping is when everything CUUUUTTTEE decides to appear in the stores. Oh my.

    yes, would love to exchange links! you'll be up on my blog list asap :)



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