13 June 2009

In the Valley of the Dolls

Without doubt, my favorite book, or at least, general leader of the expansive pack of books that I consider favorites, is Jacqueline Susann's Valley of the Dolls. I've read it countless times since I've discovered it, and every time I dive into the glamorous world of these mid century New York girls, I'm totally transfixed. Anne's desperation to create a passionate life for herself, Jennifer's struggle to be love, Neely's deep personal tragedies... The handsome men, the barbiturate abuse, the eyeliner! I love it all.

I've seen the movie almost as many times as I've read the book, but like a true elitist book snob, I prefer the literature to the film. There are images in my head about the way that the characters should look-- for instance, I've never forgiven the casting agent for not casting a blonder Anne, but I still adore the style of the film.

It mediates the line between campy, retro filmmaking and stylish cinematography. The background images of the girl's apartments are my inspiration for my own apartments, and the snappy little coats and hats and evening gowns are all deeply covetable. I love the drama in every scene, and here are a few of my favorite stills to share the glorious, sexy escapade that is this story!

Netflix it! NOW!


  1. love love this book. the movie is brilliant too.

  2. i can't believe i haven't read the book OR seen the movie! shame!! i need to!


  3. chic hairstyles!! love the nude makeup!=)


  4. definitely added to my list of movies to watch this summer

    ps. let's trade links


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