17 June 2009

give me... a permanent vacation

That headline is so apt, in so many ways. But besides my lethargy, the desire for a permanent vacation means, actually, the desire for the Permanent Vacation, Swedish wonder-brand. They do capsule collections that are quite simply based on whatever they're enjoying at the time. It appears that the summer of 09 is the summer of soft focus, filtered light and throwback florals for these Swedes. I love love love their stuff, and as much I'm enjoying the summer season, I'm also looking forward to their fall and winter debuts. Imagine all the cozy Nordic knits!

P.S. Many of you responded and said that that which you want most from a fashion blog is outfit posts, so I'll be trying to use more of those in the future. Look for more ME on the website, as well as some lifestyling guides as well, all in the coming-soon, as-soon-as-I-suck-it-up-and-get-to-it section.


  1. i need a permanent vac myself, and what a coincidance we both spoke about that not in the same way but that is what i want.
    i lvoe the florals, too there is so much outhtere right now and im still trilled with the florars.

  2. i love all of these pictures. theyre so simple.
    and i would also like a permanent vacation... but where i still get paid... haha


  3. Ooh, that chambray shirt is to-die-for! And I for one can't wait to see more outfit posts!

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  5. LOVE the purple dress!! and in the second photo you look very much like Kiera Knightley. Beautiful.


  6. Haha oh my gosh, I just came back to your page to check the brand of the dress, and I realized that these aren't pictures of you... I should read first before I comment! (AHHHH I feel like an ass). But none the less, excellent photos. I am new to your blog and you are a lovely girl :)


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