29 April 2009

erin leigh heart on etsy!

I have cyber-wanderlust... I can spend countless minutes, err, okay, hours, without human contact, just gawking at old fashion editorials, amateur photography, aspiring designers and all the fabulous bloggers out there. Miss Erin Leigh Heart (of the aptly named erinleighheart.blogspot.com) is one of my favorite discoveries. Everything in her adorable Etsy shop looks wearable, summery and in general, like things that should live in my closet!

This blue dress is my favorite, I love how blouson it is in the front...

$56- Jersey Knit Racerback Tank Draped Grecian Mini Dress Tunic

$78- Jersey Knit Hot Pink Fuchsia Pantsuit Jumpsuit

$43- Silver Bubble Sleeve Floral Evening A-Line Trapeze Dress

$54- Jersey Knit Neon Orange and Yellow Tunic Mini Dress Cowl Neck

$79- Black Halter Avant Garde Couture Evening Party Dress
I think it's important ya'll check out Miss Heart's shop here. Now.

01 April 2009

recycle, reduce, reuse

I just wanted to showcase these babies. Haute couture they are not, but I prefer the creative to the exclusive. Check out the link to CourtneysCastle on Etsy. The artist, Courtney Kessel studied sculpture and sewing and combined the two with her other passion, art, to create a series of, well, wearable art. All of her creations are made from recycled goods and are new and decidedly unboring ways to look at the usual. I also love that while making shoes out of cardboard and electrical tape, she paid such careful attention to the shape of the straps-- these are eco-chic, I daresay!
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