30 May 2009

"relaxed, organic & comfortable"

Australian brand Morrison has been a staple of gorgeous, drapey pieces that are so perfectly architectural that they're modern, yet so soft and beautifully constructed that they're classic. I love everything about the brand, from the fact that it's named after the designer's dog, to the style of the photography on their website. Some favorites, you ask? Why, here you go! 

Ava knit top, Bailee pant

Deni dress, Fabienne singlet

Madison swing top, Violet cami

Anais dress, Audrey jacket

Angeni jacket, Jimmy tank, Deni skirt

Kaili top, Audrey cropped pants

Lili top, Bailee pants

For more clothes that you're going to covet, check out Morrison's gorgeous website!

27 May 2009

well, shucks!

The lovely hippie frou frou (who btw reminds me of the lovely Jenny Lewis) bestowed me with this lovely award and totally made my day! Enough to make me feel completely looooovely. (Which is my new favorite word, by the way, in case you didn't notice.)

And now I have the honor of passing it on to my fellow bloggers. You lovelies on this list are some of my favorite bloggers and I hope this little pixel stamp makes you as giddy as it did for me.

Lovely Blog Awards

she's the hipster I used to be/ want to party with.

miss editorial and fashion image genius.


the british girl I wish I was.

She's so cool, she's at the Cannes Film Festival right now.

Mads supplied the first comment ever on miss materialist, and for that, I adore her blindly.

The inspiration.

The funniest person I've met online. And is it weird to say style soul mate?

If I could raid one closet, it'd be hers. 

She writes the way I think- dry, witty, hilarious, unapologetically real.

26 May 2009

"Giant, awesome rings"

I've been verifiably obsessed with enormous rings lately, and my favorite place for vintage via the internet is still the lovely etsy.com. I found these by searching "giant awesome rings" and the results are just that. Whiiiiiiiich one do I get?? Ah, the decisions. 

This giant lion ring is so 70s fab... I want to wear it with a muumuu and big sunglasses in Palm Springs. 

I think the spiral detailing alongside the sides of this ring are what got me-- it's just so ornate.

And this, although the priciest of the bunch, is faaaaaaaaabulous in everywhich way. 

The description is "gorgeous, big and gaudy" and that just about sums up everything I want in a ring. 

And I think this one is utterly perfect for me, for this moment. It's vintage 60s, which I adore, and it's embellished but simple enough to wear all day, every day. 

21 May 2009

maison martin margiela

Because it's awesome, that's why.

19 May 2009

streetwear inspiration

I lovelovelove these shots from FaceHunter... they're making me think of summer in a sartorially-correct, schleppy tank-top less way.

18 May 2009

from all over

I'm blowing town for a couple of days in favor of the artifice that is Las Vegas, so today for me is all about packing and laundry, but here are some goodies for you all, from all over the great internet frontier. 

Rumi is a cat person too.

Emma parties on.

Camille gets ready for the heat.

Feather Hunter keeps it hot.

Jowy keeps it adorable.

Noemi enjoys Cannes.

StylePorn loves San Francisco.

Too Many Tights posted some more tights.

Wearfare makes a case for high waisted bottoms. 

I'll be thinking about you guys from the pyramids, castles, greek ruins, eiffel towers and white tigers that dot the Nevada landscape. I'm coming back with a tan, a shot liver, maybe some big fake boobies and a new husband. 

15 May 2009


I wanted to spruce this page up a bit... So I did what I normally do and dive, face first, into this project, giddy with the idealism that my computer-retarded self will create something interesting and creative and pretty. Then, the reality of my stunted computer skills and lack of useful software, as well as my attention span (which rivals a squirrel. A squirrel in springtime.) come into play, and I give up and settle on an eeeeeehh-okay version of what I initially dreamed. 

I like how this re-model turned out, mostly in part because I get to include one of my favorite pictures of Charlotte Rampling, a lovely lady who I try to emulate a little bit everyday. I'm feeling a little distracted, so that'll be the extent of this post. I leave you in Miss Rampling's capable care.

12 May 2009

in praise of... litter sf

I've fallen in love with the idea of body jewelry... not so much piercings, since I've succumbed to and recovered from that phase already, but actual chains and gorgeous shiny things to wear in places not limited to the neckline, ears, and wrists. Litter SF brand is my current favorite for such things, and being the magpie that I am, I'm sure they've just gotten themselves a loyal customer... or at least a die-hard fan.

"swoop" $145

These are definitely more "investment-y" than my normal, antique fair or thrift store sparklers, so I think I can rationalize only one- favorites? I will need council for this big decision.
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