20 March 2010

ten good things

The other day, my (real life, like known her for years, lives down the street, got me to read Twilight, real life) friend jane-e from closet obsessions tagged me to list ten good things. Here goes:

1. Everything from All Saints. Note the collage to your left ladies and gentlemen. It's basically an illustrated wish list.

2. Springtime.

3. My chubby cat and his habit of never being more than 10 feet away from me.

4. The fact that the bell peppers in the backyard are thriving.

5. The new Broken Bells cd.

6. Bookstores.

7. Dusty coffeehouses, small diners and dive bars. So... living in Long Beach.

8. Sunday morning farmer's markets.

9. English breakfast tea.

10. Candles, especially Bergamot ones.

In perpetuation of this little list of optimism, I tag Rhapsody in Boots, Style Porn and Dirty Hair Halo. Have fun ladies :)

09 March 2010

H&M Garden Collection

There are a lot of things that I find exciting; macaroons, especially pistachio ones, finding the perfect pair of shoes, the travelocity commercials with the jaunty gnome... My love for each of these things is neck in neck with my love of H&M. The store never disappoints. It rolls out new and sartorially inventive styles before most magazines even recognize them, and it makes them available in a price point that gives reverse-sticker shock. (For example, that striped shirtdress I was wearing in the last post? Yeah, that cost me $6.95. Really. Really really.)

Then there's this, and this makes me happier than pistachio macaroons, shoes and jaunty gnomes combined:

Thank you H&M, for embracing sustainable design and not covering it in burlap. Thank you, for having the brains to make something that is both desirable and wearable. And thank you, for making sundresses out of recycled plastic bottles, so that I can use the phrase "Yeah, my sundress is saving the world," and meaning it.

01 March 2010

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