20 June 2009

give me... with hearts in my eyes

As of late, I've been browsing the internet for for wish-list fulfillment as opposed to going out and finding them, purchasing them and showing them off. All in all, it's significantly better for my pocket book, probably healthier for my materialistic soul, and certainly more fun because this type of virtual shopping has no bounds. Another by product of my wandering is endless discovery, my current favorite being With Hearts In My Eyes, currently selling at bonadrag.com.

It's lovely... The innocence of the girly dresses meshes with the exaggerated silhouettes. Lace bell bottoms? Perfection.


  1. Loving the lace bodysuit...

    Actually, loving ANY body suit lately~

    Except on drinking nights.. Going to the bathroom becomes a mission ;)

  2. hiiii!
    nice picks there. mmm yes just saw some lace bellbottoms today at macy's fabulous one day sale.
    unfortunately i didn't buy them. like a doofus.
    oh and i love the dress at the bottom!

  3. I love your blog! You have amazing style, and I can't keep my eyes off the pictures!

  4. I love the long fishtail skirt, was contemplating whether to get them or not. Btw, i have recently privatized my blog. Care to leave me ur e-mail address so I can invited u to access it! :)

  5. I want the white dress with the lace-up details!! Hey Allie, I've tagged you in my last post, hope you'll be able to answer them..=)

  6. Ahh! That lace top that dips low in the back is so covertly sexy! Want want want want.

  7. i love all their clothes!

  8. no for the pants yesssssss for all the rest!

  9. love the style of that lace, BEAUTIFUL


  10. awesome photos! love the lace :)


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