12 May 2009

in praise of... litter sf

I've fallen in love with the idea of body jewelry... not so much piercings, since I've succumbed to and recovered from that phase already, but actual chains and gorgeous shiny things to wear in places not limited to the neckline, ears, and wrists. Litter SF brand is my current favorite for such things, and being the magpie that I am, I'm sure they've just gotten themselves a loyal customer... or at least a die-hard fan.

"swoop" $145

These are definitely more "investment-y" than my normal, antique fair or thrift store sparklers, so I think I can rationalize only one- favorites? I will need council for this big decision.


  1. oohhh I want those chain harness!! very versatile!


  2. I love them all, and I'm obsessed with this line too! But I would have to say the multi-chain harness seems like the best investment. Imagine how it could transform familiar pieces in your wardrobe!

  3. wooahhhh! awesomme! that ear cuff thing is insane. i think my favorite is the "swoop." so cool. and it may sound weird, but i think it's almost a classic piece. almost.

  4. cool stuff, thanks for the pictures!

  5. this stuff is all awesome....that harness is fabulous!

  6. I am loving this line as well. Great posting.

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