27 May 2009

well, shucks!

The lovely hippie frou frou (who btw reminds me of the lovely Jenny Lewis) bestowed me with this lovely award and totally made my day! Enough to make me feel completely looooovely. (Which is my new favorite word, by the way, in case you didn't notice.)

And now I have the honor of passing it on to my fellow bloggers. You lovelies on this list are some of my favorite bloggers and I hope this little pixel stamp makes you as giddy as it did for me.

Lovely Blog Awards

she's the hipster I used to be/ want to party with.

miss editorial and fashion image genius.


the british girl I wish I was.

She's so cool, she's at the Cannes Film Festival right now.

Mads supplied the first comment ever on miss materialist, and for that, I adore her blindly.

The inspiration.

The funniest person I've met online. And is it weird to say style soul mate?

If I could raid one closet, it'd be hers. 

She writes the way I think- dry, witty, hilarious, unapologetically real.


  1. aaawww was I the 1st one? I'm super honored!! I remember 2 months ago we were such newbies here..=)Thanks for the award!!=)

  2. THANX for the award! I am smiling like a big goofball, hihihih..madly happy!


  3. ohhhhh yayayay!! you have made my week! this is the best, thanks a bunch

  4. Oh my god, just what I needed: a double dose of awards to get me through another awful day! Thank you! I will treasure this like my first pair of Louboutins.

  5. Thanks so much m'dear! I'll display it proudly on my next post

  6. Wahoooooooooooo thanks so much, this is my first ever award gunna post about it now...


  7. aww, thank you so muchhh! and i wouldn't mind raiding your closet as well, ha. ;)

  8. hey! thanks so much darling!!! your words/support mean a lot. and i don't think that what you said is weird to say, no not at all. i consider it a compliment, thank you very much.


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