15 May 2009


I wanted to spruce this page up a bit... So I did what I normally do and dive, face first, into this project, giddy with the idealism that my computer-retarded self will create something interesting and creative and pretty. Then, the reality of my stunted computer skills and lack of useful software, as well as my attention span (which rivals a squirrel. A squirrel in springtime.) come into play, and I give up and settle on an eeeeeehh-okay version of what I initially dreamed. 

I like how this re-model turned out, mostly in part because I get to include one of my favorite pictures of Charlotte Rampling, a lovely lady who I try to emulate a little bit everyday. I'm feeling a little distracted, so that'll be the extent of this post. I leave you in Miss Rampling's capable care.


  1. what amazing photos of her, she had great style.
    muah x

  2. Hi Forever 21 might have similar styles but I'm not quite sure because the last time I was in SF they had rings with rhinestones but no animal designs.. Sorry I'm not m uch of a help..=)Perhaps ebay?


  3. she has such an intriguing face. i actually prefer her older. i loved her brief cameo in deception!

  4. wowza, these photos are so inspirational, the lady in the first photo has dreamy hair-and a sweet top on too! like the remodeling,and the comment about the squirrel cracked me up!

    PS-thanks so much for the whole "you remind me of Jenny Lewis" couldn't ask for a better comment!

    jess s//

  5. i can definitely see Mischa Barton recreating these pictures, can't you?
    i'm liking the blog, the outfit in the next post is SO enviable. love the dress.


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