26 May 2009

"Giant, awesome rings"

I've been verifiably obsessed with enormous rings lately, and my favorite place for vintage via the internet is still the lovely etsy.com. I found these by searching "giant awesome rings" and the results are just that. Whiiiiiiiich one do I get?? Ah, the decisions. 

This giant lion ring is so 70s fab... I want to wear it with a muumuu and big sunglasses in Palm Springs. 

I think the spiral detailing alongside the sides of this ring are what got me-- it's just so ornate.

And this, although the priciest of the bunch, is faaaaaaaaabulous in everywhich way. 

The description is "gorgeous, big and gaudy" and that just about sums up everything I want in a ring. 

And I think this one is utterly perfect for me, for this moment. It's vintage 60s, which I adore, and it's embellished but simple enough to wear all day, every day. 


  1. The lion!


  2. I need more rings in my life! LOOVE THIS POST! totally inspiring.

    stay wonderful!!
    hope to hear from you
    :) xooxxo

  3. amazing rings!


  4. I sort of find myself gravitating towards having a huge ring on every finger a la Mary-Kate, until I remember that I did that look already: it was high school, I was goth, and let's just say it was not pretty. Perhaps less is more.

  5. that last one is definitely the coolest! the lion one is pretty rad though. . . if you don't get it i might!


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