19 September 2009


I'm super excited to have created a couple of necklaces! They turned out even better than I had imagined, even the super finicky cat approves of them. The first one is a collection of staggered silver chains with feathers knotted on them, and the second is some leather laced gold chains with seashells dangling from them. I'm still playing with a few more prototypes, so check back for updates on those...

Soooooo, whatcha think?


  1. The first one is to die for!! I would buy it immediately ;-)

  2. Oh wow I love these. I love the ecclectic mix of charms and things you've used. Love them. Are you going to be selling??

    Love Jojo xxx


  3. ummm....YES!
    that's what i think.

  4. so cool! you should totally do a DIY post on these! i would love to know how to make one for myself...otherwise, you should put them up on Esty :)


  5. Aw, guys!!! I'm so excited to have all this support pouring in :) It means a lot. And I'll definitely will be making more pieces... probably to sell, or gift ;)

  6. that is the coolest necklace i have seen in a while. I love the feathers and all the chains. and its so cute how you have the cat wearing it!

  7. those necklaces are all SO cool, i would most def buy any of them.


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