23 September 2009

the ice is getting thinner

As much as I love summer, I'm ready for some real weather. Like winds and fog and chill, mostly so that I can wear my assorted furry vests and coats.

... In the perfect world, all this would be mine. I'll settle for those gloves, world. They should do.

Fendi Mongolian Sherling vest, Alexander Wang tank, Ralph Lauren Suede jodhpurs, Michael by Michael Kors gloves (FANTASTIC!!!!), Burberry suede wedge ankle boots, Alexander Wang Bianca vest purse, French Connection Double Trouble belt, House of Harlow and Me&Ro necklaces, Mesi Jilly ring, Tom Ford aviators, Essie "lacey not racey" nail polish, Tom Ford Tuscan Leather perfume, Jennifer Behr leather turban headwrap, and a moleskin for recording all my musings.


  1. I was looking at the boots and thinking please be a look for less version-alas, more perfect Burberry. Great picks!

  2. I'm into winds and fogs as well. But i'm not that ready clothes-wise yet, so i don't mind waiting a bit longer;-)


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