05 October 2009

One day William, you'll be cool.

So sorry about the slowdown in posts over the last few days, but I've felt under the weather. More accurately, I've come down with the flu, so nary an outfit post is in sight, which is for the best since it would include pajamas and crumpled tissues. I'm off to rest and recover, and here are some editorial shots I can't get enough of. (Inspired by Almost Famous, one of the movies currently cycling through my DVD player.)


  1. perfectly almost famous-heart that movie

  2. I reeeally want to see that movie again. It's been too long. In fact, it's in my Netflix queue this very moment.
    Hope you feel better soon darlin!

  3. Hi there, i know what you mean. I'm also down with a cold and also slow with updating my blog :-)
    But your recent posts made me feel really good. Especially the one with those mysteriously empty streets in the morning.
    get better sweetheart.


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