11 October 2009

I want...

I've been rather good at not falling prey to the gimme gimmes lately. My shopping ban was almost completely effective, keeping me from buying everything but a few must haves (Chanel's Venom nail polish, 'nuff said), but now that my birthday season is coinciding with the weather getting deliciously cozy, I'm finding that old itch creeping up. Here's the short list:

American Apparel's Scoop Back Fringed Mini
The general idea of CovetShop's online consignment genius, starting and ending with these Bottega Venetas.

This fabulously collared winter coat from Urban Outfitters.

The ability to carve a mean jack of lantern would be good too.

And pretty much everything about this picture from the Sartorialist. I want to be her.
'Kay, thanks.


  1. i love that fringe aa dress, ive been wanting it in black for a while

  2. short wish list i want very many things too! but my birthday just passed so i got an extra job and now im going to buy myself more xmas gifts then anyone else, inclluding my hunny :)

  3. that fringe dress is so pretty. you should definitely get it !


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