20 March 2010

ten good things

The other day, my (real life, like known her for years, lives down the street, got me to read Twilight, real life) friend jane-e from closet obsessions tagged me to list ten good things. Here goes:

1. Everything from All Saints. Note the collage to your left ladies and gentlemen. It's basically an illustrated wish list.

2. Springtime.

3. My chubby cat and his habit of never being more than 10 feet away from me.

4. The fact that the bell peppers in the backyard are thriving.

5. The new Broken Bells cd.

6. Bookstores.

7. Dusty coffeehouses, small diners and dive bars. So... living in Long Beach.

8. Sunday morning farmer's markets.

9. English breakfast tea.

10. Candles, especially Bergamot ones.

In perpetuation of this little list of optimism, I tag Rhapsody in Boots, Style Porn and Dirty Hair Halo. Have fun ladies :)


  1. Sweet god I want that parachute dress. Thanks for tagging me, I'll include it in my next post!!

  2. OMG. the way you chose to label me made me a b laugh for like 10 minutes. loves it. and you <3

  3. Springtime and bookstores make me happy to too. Best parts of my life right now.

  4. theyre opening an all saints in soho and im so excited

  5. The comment you left me about friending Garance on Facebook was priceless. It made me laugh. So thanks for that.

    Those boots with the zip!!! I'd have to chuck them around in dirt to get them looking just right.

  6. I love your list. Those boots and the ring are amazing. All Saints would be on my list too.

    xo, becs

    p.s. when you get a chance, can you please update your links with my new url? i dropped the 'wordpress'. thanks so much! x

  7. yes and yes and yes.
    and hey, thanks for the the tag! i will do it soon, just as soon as i get back on top of my life.
    thanks for the super music suggestions, by the way!

  8. amazing, really want all of it, the ring is bangin'

    follow me around


  9. Sweet god I need that parachute dress. A debt of gratitude is in order for labeling me, I'll incorporate it in my next post!!
    down puffer coats


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